Year 12 2020 HSC & ATAR OVERVIEW


The 2020 HSC results are a testament to the dedication and drive of our Year 12 students and the professional teachers that have supported them in their academic journey from Year 7 to the completion of the HSC. This year our HSC students experienced the November Bushfires as well as the impact of the Covid blended learning period and all the associated disruptions. We are immensely proud of our year 12 students and wish them all the best as they move into the next phase of their lives.

Congratulations to our 2020 DUX Of the College, Thomas Merkus, who has achieved a fantastic ATAR of 98.5


SJRC ATAR High Achievers include:

Thomas Merkus 98.5
Alexander Knight-Viale 96.9
Courtney Fyffe 94
Harry Amon 92.5
Cameron Hunt 90.65
Grace Robb 90.4
Ben Pike 90.15
Cara Dowse-Collyer 89.3
Natasha Small 89.15
Jag Shore 89.1
Lewis Ring 88.95

NB: Results above are preliminary based on students that have contacted the College.


Mr Ian Lutton, Leader of Curriculum said: “We are extremely pleased with the outstanding results achieved by many of the students this year, with over 40% of all individual results scoring 80 or above. A few highlights include:

  • Seven students placed first or equal first in the Diocese
  • Thomas Merkus 2-unit Biology, 2-unit Chemistry and 2unit Mathematics Advanced
  • Natasha Small Extension English
  • Alexander Knight-Viale Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2
  • JiaYing Lin 2-unit Korean Beginners

Top Achiever

Harry Amon placed 10th in the state in Music 1


First in Diocese

  • Thomas Merkus - Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics Advanced
  • Alexander Knight-Viale - Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2
  • Natasha Small - English Extension 1
  • JiaYing Lin - Korean Beginners


A number of students had their major works nominated for:

Encore - Music

  • Harry Amon
  • Lachlan Eggert
  • Alexander Knight-Viale

InTech - Industrial Technology - Timber

  • Matthew Cheers
  • Isaac Plunkett
  • Max Roods
  • Sarah Stewart

Above State Average in Courses

Many subjects were well above the state average with some notable example being:


  • 2-unit Industrial Technology Timber 22.35% above the state average
  • 2-unit Music 1 13% above the state average
  • 2-unit Investigating Science 13% above the state average
  • 2-unit Mathematics Standard 10% above the state average
  • 2-unit Ancient History 9.1% above the state average
  • 2-unit Software Design and Development 8.9% above the state average
  • 2-unit Food Technology 8.75& above the state average
  • 2-unit Earth and Environmental Science 8% above the state average
  • 2-unit Hospitality 7% above the state average

HSC Distinguished Achievers List 

Congratulations to the following 22 students who were recognised on the HSC Distinguished Achievers List.

Harry Amon
Matthew Cheers
William Dakin
Lachlan Eggert
Courtney Fyffe
Emilee Gibbs
Kate Hazell
Rebecca Hazell
Cameron Hunt
Elise Kemp
Alexander Knight-Viale
Thomas Merkus
Benjamin Pike
Isaac Plunkett
Lewis Ring
Grace Robb
Max Roods
Hannah Sanders
Natasha Small
Lachlan Smith
Sarah Stewart
Matthew Strumolo

The staff at St Joseph's Regional College congratulate all students for achieving an ATAR and we wish them every success as they move into the next phase of their lives.

God Bless

Jim Dempsey