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Jim O'Brien Cup

The Jim O'Brien Cup was instigated in 2015 following the retirement of longstanding Principal Mr. Jim O'Brien in 2014.  Jim was a great supporter of all things sport in the school and we wanted a way of ensuring his legacy is remembered.

The Jim O'Brien Cup is a competition between the two seven to twelve colleges in Port Macquarie - MacKillop College and St. Joseph's Regional College.  Points are awarded for competitions where the schools compete directly against one another.  The big three carnivals: Diocesan Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics will be based on overall points gained for the day, not individual races.

Points System:
win - 3 points
draw - 2 points
loss - 1 point

2021 Tally 

College Played Win Draw Loss Total

Detailed Score Sheet (including present & past results)

Overall Tally:
MacKillop - 3
SJRC - 2

Past Years

2020 - not awarded**
2019 - MacKillop (127-117)
2018 - MacKillop (91-85)
2017 - SJRC (101-83)
2016 - SJRC (71-69)
2015 - MacKillop (87-73)

** COVID-19 Pandemic