St Joseph's Regional College - Code of Presentation

After consultation with school communities, our parish secondary school uniform has been updated from the start of the school year in 2022. Please be assured that there is a transition period in moving towards the new uniform.


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Purchasing Uniform Items - All uniform requirements can be purchased at the St Agnes’ Parish Uniform Store, located at 6 Boronia Street.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm. Phone 6584 1076

SJRC Uniform - Code of Presentation

St Joseph's Regional College Code of Presentation is a “Door to Door” policy. Students are required to wear the appropriate College uniform correctly from the time of departure from home each morning until arrival home at the end of the day. Outside of College hours, students should either remain in their full uniform or out of it completely.

Students will wear the formal College uniform on school days except when they are engaged in a lesson or school-related activity which requires the full College sport uniform to be worn. Students are permitted to wear sports uniform to and from school on their sports day, for PD/H/PE practical lessons and for other elective practical lessons, as negotiated with their teacher eg. Marine Studies, PASS, Dance or Drama practical lessons.

Sport uniforms may also be worn to school on days when school sport teams train or organised sports competitions occur.

Formal Uniform Code

  • Double pleated skirt to the knee (teal for juniors, grey for seniors), black College shorts or black College pants with College logo embroidered, College blouse with College crest, plain mid-calf black socks (not anklet socks).
  • Black College shorts or pants (new style), white College short sleeve shirt with College logo and button-up collar, black formal College socks with white bands. Shirt not required to be tucked in
  • College grey shorts or pants (older style - Midford Shorts or Trouser Style 155M Colour 63 Grey) to be worn on the waist, white College short sleeve shirt with College logo and button-up collar, grey College socks with aqua and white bands.

Shoes must be plain black, polishable lace-up leather shoes. No high tops, boots or ripple soles, skate type shoes or logos. No buckle or open-top shoes, no rubber toes.

All students may wear the black College jumper or black College jacket. Undershirts or singlets must be logo free and not visible.

Plain black scarves only may be worn in winter with a jumper, jacket or blazer. Black tights may be worn instead of socks.

SPort Uniform Code
Plain, black, mid-thigh length College shorts with SAPSS logo, aqua College sports shirt and SAPSS sports socks, lace-up sport shoes, black College jacket or black woollen jumper with College crest, College tracksuit (optional).

Sport shoes must be lace-up jogger or cross-trainer style suitable for running. Canvas shoes, gym boots, skate shoes and other casual footwear are not permitted.

Students unable to wear the full and correct College sport uniform are to wear the full and correct College formal uniform.

Footwear in Practical Workshop Subjects
Students must wear leather footwear during practical workshop environments ie. Industrial Technology (Timber and Metal), Food Technology, Hospitality, Textiles Technology. If students wear sport uniform on the day they have a practical in a workshop, then they are required to wear leather sport shoes or bring their leather black

school shoes to wear during that lesson. Students will not be allowed to participate in practical work for that lesson if the correct shoes are not worn.

Year 12 Jersey
Year 12 are permitted to wear their College jersey with both the formal and sport uniform.

Senior Blazer
A College blazer is optional for seniors, it needs to be ordered from St Agnes’ Uniform Store in advance.

Jewellery should not detract from the College uniform and should be predominantly silver or gold (not leather, pearls etc.).

Junior students may wear plain sleepers or studs (a maximum of 2 in each ear), one ring and a watch.

Senior students may wear 1 small ring on each hand, 1 plain fine necklace with a small pendant, 1 watch or bracelet on each arm, a maximum of 2 earrings in each ear (plain sleepers or studs).

No other form of body piercing is permitted. No plastic/clear substitutes.

We expect that the hairstyles should be neat and tidy in appearance and should not be of an extreme type that will draw attention to themselves. Moderation in appearance is required. Hair should be clean, well-groomed and neat. Shaved hair should be not less than a Number “3”. Dreadlocks, undercuts, mullets, tracks or lines, skin fades, rats tails and dramatic layered effects are not permitted. Students should not use dye or blonding compounds in their hair, except for natural highlights that are natural to the individual student’s own hair colour. Hair should be cut in such a way that it does not hang over the student’s face.

Junior students’ long hair should be tied up if it is collar length or longer.

Senior students’ can wear hair out if it is longer than collar length but must tie it back at all times in practical lessons and sporting activities.

All hair accessories must be of black, blue, white or gold (ribbons of a single colour or narrow headbands). Students must have a clean-shaven face at all times.

Hats & Caps
Students are to wear the College cap or hat on the College grounds and when wearing the College uniform. They are to be worn when students are participating in outside sport and physical activity or at the explicit direction of staff. Junior students should take their hat to PC each morning for checking.

College ties are an optional uniform item.

Make-up and nail polish are not permitted, including acrylic, French tip or shellac nails. Eyelash extensions are not permitted.

Tattoos are strongly discouraged and should not be visible while wearing the school uniform or representing the College.

Out of Uniform Days
Parents and students are reminded that all clothing worn on these days must be appropriate. If a student arrives at the College on one of these days in clothing deemed to be inappropriate, parents may be contacted and asked to collect the students in order to rectify the matter. It is inappropriate for brief and revealing clothing to be worn to school. This includes low-cut, strapless, backless or midriff tops, mini-skirts and brief shorts. Parents are also asked to consider the appropriateness of all writing and graphics on T-shirts. The normal rules for make-up, jewellery and piercing apply.

Due to Work Health & Safety regulations, sandals, thongs and other similar footwear may not be worn. All students must wear either joggers or some other kind of enclosed footwear.

Brief bikinis and brief one-piece styles are not permitted to be worn at swimming carnivals, during classes such as Marine Studies, for proficiency swims or at beach activities. If modesty is deemed to be required, boardshorts, swim shorts and/or a rash shirt will be necessary.

Students not presenting in the correct College uniform will receive an infringement.

It is at the discretion of the Principal as to acceptable uniform and grooming. Upon enrolment at the College, students and parents agreed on the importance of grooming and wearing the College uniform correctly and with pride. Parents may be requested to bring uniform items to the College to rectify reoccurring issues.

Please note: the above information can also be found in the College Diary

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