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Excellence in Sport: 
To receive this award a student must have represented NSWCCC or NSW All Schools in a team or squad.

Outstanding Involvement in Sport:
To receive this award a student has represented the school in 6 or more sports (7-10), 5 or more (Yr 11), 4 or more (Yr 12) of the 50 opportunities we offer here at the Regional.  

Ryley Batt Award
This award recognises students who have displayed determination, enthusiasm and the will to overcome adversity to achieve their sporting goals.

Team of the Year
Awarded to the most successful team in that calendar year.

Sportsperson of the Year:
Sportsperson of the Year is worked out on a
 points scale.  Each level of representation or achievement is worth more points in the tally – points are only awarded for school pathway sports.  The student with the highest tally in each division (junior, intermediate and senior) is declared sports person of the year.

NSW Catholic Combined Colleges Blue Award
A NSWCCC Blue signifies achievement in sport at the highest school pathway level and is limited to two students per sport, per year.

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