At St Joseph's Regional College Pastoral Care, discipline and welfare is based on a Restorative Practice approach. restorative practices endeavour to build positive, caring relationships for all. These practice's provide members of the College community:

A consistent way to handle conflict and student behaviour.
A reflective tool to use in evaluating their own practice.
A platform for the development of a collegial and united staff.
A way of being consistently fair in decision making.
A method for communicating with parents that they can resonate with and understand.
Profound builder of culture and community.

Restorative Practice's uses a consistent approach which includes common non-blame questions:

What happened?
What were you thinking of at the time?
What have you thought about since?
Who has been affected by what you have done?
In what way have they been affected?
What do you think you need to do to make things right?
What did you think when you realised what had happened?
What impact has this incident had on you and others?
What has been the hardest thing for you?
What do you think needs to happen to make things right?

Develop Restorative Practices to enhance relationships by: Why a RESTORATIVE PRACTICE approach to Pastoral Care and Student Management improves learning outcomes and relationships.   Adam Voigt - Real Schools Founder

The link below is a PowerPoint presentation for parents, teachers, and all school staff on building stronger, positive relationships with young people.

REAL SCHOOLS- Parent Information Session