Year 11 & 12 News – Guidelines for Senior Students when driving on College Grounds.

Guidelines for Senior Students when driving on College Grounds.

College grounds must be safe for all students, staff and visitors.Parking areas are available for use by staff, students, contractors and visitors. Year 11 and 12 students must be aware of the need to take special care when driving on College grounds.

Risk factors for students include: Students must park in designated student parking areas- See Senior Parking map on next page.

Year 11 students are to park in the area near the cricket nets and students need to ensure that they use the path as indicated on the map (next page) for walking to and from this area. This also will apply to Year 12 when necessary.

Year 12 students are to park in the parking lot behind the science labs and GL blocks. (Please note: The first bay behind SS6 is a staff parking area.) If the Year 12 parking area is full, students are permitted to park in the Year 11 parking area. (Students are not permitted to use the ring road to access the Year 11 car park).

No parking on the grass at any time due to the damage it causes, particularly in wet conditions.

Students must be parked on site by 8:40am this will give students time to move from their car to PC rooms in time for the bell.

The speed limit on College grounds is 10km/h. Students must adhere strictly to this limit.

All the normal driving rules apply on College grounds such as not using a mobile phone (texting, facebook, phone calls etc.) in cars.

The College does not monitor factors such as the eligibility of students to be driving, the taking of passengers in motor vehicles or riding in motor vehicles with other students driving. Such matters are to be negotiated between students and their parents/guardians. Students cannot take a student from another year group to or from school unless they are a sibling.

All vehicles driven on College grounds must be registered through Moodle. It is your responsibility to keep this updated. (Moodle/Students/Motorcycle & Car Agreement).

When student parking areas are full, students are required to park safely off site. There are a number of parking spaces on the sides of the road on College Drive.

Students are not to access their cars or the student carpark during the day without permission from their Pastoral Coordinator.

The College takes no responsibility for damage to your vehicle/motorcycle while driven or parked on College grounds.

Driving and parking on College grounds is a privilege for senior students. Please remember that any breaches of the College Driving Guidelines may result in consequences such as loss of the privilege to park on College grounds for a period of two weeks.


Mr Chris Kalchbauer
Leader of Pastoral Care, Year 11

Mrs Heidi Flanagan
Leader of Pastoral Care, Year 12