The school gym is a purpose built facility with up to date equipment that can be used by students and staff. Membership is available for a yearly fee of $15.  

Each day, teachers are on duty in the gym, either before, school, during lunch or after school.  A link below shows which days and times the gym is open and what teachers are on duty.

How do I Join?
1. download, print and fill in the form at the link below.  
2. return the form with the membership fee
3. The PE Sport trainee will process the membership
4. A membership card will be issued – usually with one week.

Membership Form
Opening Times

Gym Rules
1. Use all equipment correctly, being mindful of your own and others safety.
2. Follow all directions from the supervising teacher.
3. Ensure gym is left clean and tidy at the end of the session eg all weights returned to racks etc
4. No food or drinks (except water bottles).
5. Towels should be used on all equipment.