SJRC Horse Sports

SJRC enters three events during the year:

  • Taree Horse Sports
  • Wingham Horse Sports
  • Gloucester Horse Sports

These days are normally run by schools for schools.  The college provides a teacher for these events.

Any event outside the above three, regardless of whether it is called “Inter-Schools”, is not supported by SJRC.  Students who attend these events must do so as an individual.  No school uniform of any description is to be worn at these events.  We will not sign any documentation regarding these events.  Such events include:

  • Clarence Valley Equestrian Challenge (Grafton)
  • Tamworth Inter-School Horse Extravaganza
  • Any other event with the words “inter-schools”


Due to the nature of horse sports and the risk of injury involved, the Diocese has come up with a set of guidelines. 

Lismore Catholic Schools Office Horse Sports Guidelines