Principal’s Message Term 3 Week 2

Letters of Appreciation
We are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful grounds and facilities at St Joseph’s Regional College and I would like to sincerely thank Mr John Sprague and Mr Martin Loane for their work in maintaining the College grounds. As such, the College became the chosen venue on Monday, 24th July for students from Macksville to Laurieton Primary Schools to come together for their Primary Zone Athletics Carnival which was held on our College Oval.

I would like to congratulate and thank Thomas Cornish, Mahala Hopwood, Dylan James, Oliver Nosworthy and Hugh Stewart who assisted throughout the day and by all accounts were true ambassadors for the College.
It is always pleasing when I receive feedback in regards to outstanding behaviour and participation by our students. This week, following the carnival we received several emails of appreciation by carnival organisers. I refer you to two emails below.

Mr Dempsey,
I would just like to let you know how impressed I was with some of your students today at the above carnival.
I was a place judge and there were who I believe to be three Year 10 boys with us as timekeepers.
I spent hours with them today and I have to say they are a credit to your school – they were so supportive and encouraging of the primary students and conducted themselves in an impressive manner with both the students and us parents.
Experiences like today just reinforce what a wonderful school Regional is.
Thank you for the important part the school plays in helping to point our children’s feet in the right direction.
Leasa Fletcher

Mr Mike Cannon also received an email from Dan Evans, Convener, Hastings Primary School Zone.

Thanks Mick for sending the Year 10 students. They worked well all day. As an appreciation, they were given a $10 voucher for the school canteen. Thank you, John Sprague, for his assistance also, John made setting up and packing up a breeze.
The Hastings Zone is lucky that you are able to share your facilities.
Dan Evans


Alexander Ross- Anzac Day Presentation
At Wednesday’s assembly we were privileged to have Mr Greg Laird, Port Macquarie Sub-Branch President, acknowledge the contribution that our College Captain, Alexander Ross made at the Anzac Day Dawn Service when he presented the keynote speech.
Congratulations, Alexander on receiving this award of recognition.


Year 7-10  Semester One Award Ceremony
Last Friday, our Semester One Award Ceremony for Years 7-10 was held. Congratulations to the many students who received awards, including students who received Community Service awards for the generosity in volunteering their time to the community.

Outstanding Achievement
To receive an Outstanding Achievement Award students must have gained the following:
6 or more Excellence and Application Awards in Years 7 and 8
5 or more Excellence and Application Awards in Year 9 and 10

Congratulations to the following students.

Molly Cassar F02 Estelle Cassegrain H02 Samuel Kobelke I01
William Hazell F02 Will Dakin H02 Demi Magnus I02
Amelia Stennett F05 Grace Robb H02 Bridie Reynolds I02
Chloe Eichmann F06 Tessa Connors H05 Piper Seale I02
Isabella Devine I03
Kalisha Glover I03
Alexander Byrne I04
Timothy Kobelke I04
Joshua Dietrich I05
Gabrielle Coles M02 Kaitlyn Ashcroft O03 Abigail Gammon W01
Julian Hiam M03 Jordan Lynch O03 Kate Hazell W02
Ebony Williams M03 Georgia Smith O05 Eve Slater W02
Eilidh Aldridge M04 Ocia Chapman W03
Jonah Garven M04 Ella Handley W03
Will McCoubrie M04 Joseph Lewis W03
Claire McIntosh M04 Ashley Middleton W03
Monique Rudder M05 Hannah Freeman W05
Alexander Knight-Viale M06 Eden Lewis-Bain W05
Lucy Westcott M06 Charlotte Schrader W05
Connor Warneken W05
Tyla Lewis-Bain W06

Outstanding Application
To receive an Outstanding Application Award students must have gained the following:
8 or more Application Awards in Years 7 and 8
7 or more Application Awards in Years 9 and 10

Congratulations to the following students.

Tahnee Holland F01 Kiarna Cordell H01 Tahlia Bell I01
Georgie Bate F02 Courtney Fyffe H01 Matthew Gleeson I01
Phoebe Bentley F02 Jessica Daley H02 Amahli Kennedy I01
Ty Bonney F02 Kasey Fletcher H02 Katie Van Der Houven I01
Jadzea Gooch F02 Max Roods H02 Aimee Jai Dietrich I02
Shan-Del Studders F02 Remi Bampton H03 Fay Phelps I02
Elka Gibson F03 Hannah Dakin H03 Laney Taylor I02
Lily Stace F03 Sofia Roods H03 Brianna Ducker I04
Javana Ballinger F04 Hannah Sanders H03 Luka Marshall I04
Aynslea Bambling F04 Joshua Bartlett H04 Stephanie Palmer I04
Alyssa Morton F04 Jacob Fletcher H05 Zoe Groth I05
Kassia Chen F05 Tiarne Gray H05 Jaspa Calicetto I06
Aislinn Doyle F06 Ashely Garth H06 Chloe Gilder I06
Annabelle Instrell F06 Rebecca Moss H06 Hayden Green I06
Lachlan Paynting H06 Leo Hunt I06
Jessica Ismay I06
Sarah Jennings I06
Kirsten Griffiths M01 Nicola Abi-Saab O01 Taylor Bulley W01
Mahi Modi M01 Madeline Lynch O01 Layne White W01
Scott Bartlett M02 Hugh Stewart O01 Lachlan Wright W01
Tamara Batty M02 Hannah Abi-Saab O02 Jayden Barker W02
Nerida Flanagan M02 Jane Archer O03 Jocelyn Bleasdale W02
Lily Cooper M03 Jayde Attkins O03 Jazmin Lindsay-Favelle W02
Bailey Faddy M03 Matthew Burke O03 Maddison Baxter W03
Lauren Brown M04 Hannah Dobson O03 Jayde Jackson W04
Grady Bull M04 Ella Smith O03 Abby Moores W04
Georgia Tarrant M04 Sarah Stewart O03 Lillyana Baldwin-Davies W05
Prada Hanlan M05 Calvin Nguyen O04 Anais Bleasdale W06
Eliza Lynch M05 Molly Couttie O05 Jazmin Lawrence W06
Madelaine Goodridge M06 Harrison Freudenstein O05 Amelia Stubbs W06
Emily Krige M06 Ruby McAndrew O05 Taylor Bulley W01
Lexie Williams M06 Christopher Sakayan O05 Layne White W01
Mia Watts O05
Mia Brookes O06

Principal Awards
Congratulations to the following students who received a Principal’s Award at this week’s assembly.

Tatiana Gobius, Madeline Lynch, Ruby McAndrew, Daniel Ryan and William White


Year 11 2018 Enrolment Information Night
Nights like the recent Year 11 2018 Enrolment Information Evening come together with the aid of many hands, working as a team.

Thank you to Mr Tim McCosker, Assistant Principal- Curriculum and Administration and Mrs Tanya Daley, Acting Assistant Principal- Pastoral Care and Staff for your outstanding facilitating of the Year 11 2018 Enrolment Information Night. I would also sincerely like to thank Mrs Michelle Reynolds for her administrative assistance in preparing enrolment packs and for her ongoing work organising interviews.Further information regarding Year 11 2018 enrolment can be found on page 7.


Luminosity 2017
Last week, Ty Bonney, Hugh Stewart, Lucy Westcott and Zoe Groth were selected to represent the College at the annual Luminosity Youth Summit held at the Glasshouse.

I would like to sincerely thank Legacy, Port Macquarie for their generosity in sponsoring our four students with the Legacy Leventhal Scholarship to attend the summit. Thank you also to Mrs Jenna Mynott for accompanying the students to the summit.
Now in its fifth year, the Summit aims to inspire young individuals to work towards the best version of themselves and feel empowered with the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue hard goals. This year’s theme focused on exploring “dangerous ideas” through the lens of courage, collaboration and creativity.

Presenters wowed a crowd of over 300 local youth delegates and attendees as they delved into concepts such as self-compassion, kindness and giving, creative risk-taking, leadership, entrepreneurship and goal-setting, to name a few.
The ‘lumo buzz’ was felt as attendees moved from main-stage presentations to their chosen workshops and master-classes. Superbly curated, the line up of presenters combined local and national role-models across a wide range of interests and industry sectors and with 22 presenters in total, there was something for all walks of life. Actor, ‘Survivor’ contestant and ‘Livin’ co-founder Sam Webb, kick-started Day 1 with the message that ‘it ain’t weak to speak”; a phrase encouraging young people to speak up about mental health and ask for support when needed. Founder of Limitless Vision, Ben Pettingill, role-modeled the strengths of hope, grit, and optimism as he shared his story of living a full and meaningful life despite being 98% blind. Imagineer of Art Tech fashion, Nixi Killick, empowered individuals to dare to take creative risks and “dream the future awake”, while Founder and CEO of School for Life, Annabelle Chauncy, brought tears to faces as she shared her incredible journey in building schools in Uganda to provide communities with primary and secondary education opportunities.

A full list of speakers can be found on the Summit’s official website
The Summit, a not-for-profit event organised by volunteers and fully funded by local business, is held yearly and is a wonderful opportunity for young people to not only be inspired to develop themselves personally and professionally but to network with like-minded individuals and potentially forge lasting friendships and mentorships outside of their day to day environments. Those interested in attending next year’s event are encouraged to head to the website or contact the committee directly via email at

It was interesting to note that all students felt very differently about their future after this experience. We asked the students:

“How do you feel now that you have attended the summit?”

“Luminosity was a great experience for my peers and I to develop skills essential for our future endeavours. The keynote presentations master-classes run by motivational speakers were a great opportunity which I thoroughly enjoyed. The conference has changed my perspective on life and has given me a greater confidence to chase my dreams now that I believe I am capable of anything. I would like to thank the College and Legacy for this wonderful opportunity.” Lucy Westcott

“Luminosity was a great experience for me and for my peers. The motivational speakers really inspired me when they spoke about their accomplishments that have helped people in need. It helped me to understand what I could do as a young student in the community.” Ty Bonney

“Luminosity was a really inspiring and motivating experience. It really changed my perspective on the power just one person has to make a difference.” Zoe Groth

“Luminosity was a great program to really think out your future. The talks were inspirational and gave you a different perspective of the world.” Hugh Stewart

God Bless

Jim Dempsey
College Principal