Principal’s Message Term 3 Week 10


On Wednesday, at the beginning of our College assembly, a special ceremony was held to announce the Student Leaders for 2017-2018. The College Captains, Vice-Captains and House Prefects were then formally inducted in the Ceremony of Light.

This ceremony has previously taken place at our Year 12 Graduation ceremony, however due to a large number of our future College leaders attending the Ignite Gathering in Brisbane this week, the ceremony was moved to allow all to be present.

The Ceremony of Light symbolises a formal hand-over of the responsibilities and leadership of a Year 12 group. As one group graduates and departs the College, another steps up to fill the role. As a College we thank and acknowledge the excellent effort of the departing leadership team. Congratulations to our College Student Leaders for 2017-2018:

College Captains:
Davy Roe
and Elizabeth Pike

College Vice-Captains
Cooper Lewis-Bain
and Tahlia Bell-Baker

House Prefects
Flinders House Prefects
Raymond Beacroft and Georgia Sinclair

Hastings House Prefects
Taine Hunt and Samantha King

Innes House Prefects
Dominic Byrne and Mali Gilbert

Macquarie House Prefects
Levi Brett and Emily Shelley

Oxley House Prefects
Dylan Mason and Melinda Burke

Wilson House Prefects
Daniel Slater and Chloe Nash

Once again, congratulations, we look forward to working with these tremendous young adults in their leadership roles next year.

YEAR 12 2017

The St Joseph’s Regional College community also gathered to celebrate and acknowledge Year 12 2017, as they complete their secondary education. On Wednesday night, staff, students and families joined in a Mass, which was certainly a very fitting celebration for this wonderful group of young adults.

Yesterday, we welcomed Fr Roland Agrisola, Mr John McQueen, Mr Jim O’Brien, Ms Mary Shelley and families of Year 12 students to our Major Awards Ceremony.

A special thank you to Ms Debbie Kennaugh and the ensemble for the excellent music, to Hannah Garven who sung the National Anthem so beautifully and to Ky Eichmann for reading the Acknowledgment of Country. To our College secretaries, thank you for your professional and dedicated assistance.

Thank you also to Year 11 students: Grace Monaghan and Bailey Marshall for their help with handing out the awards.

I invite you to read my College Address below:

I would like to extend a special welcome to our special guests, Fr Roland, our College Chaplain, Mr John McQueen, Coordinating Executive Officer Parish Education, Mr Jim O’Brien, former Co-ordinating Principal for St Agnes’ Parish Secondary Schools and Miss Mary Shelley our Dux of 2016, along with our parents of Year 12 students, as we gather for this special occasion.

To our parents who are with us for the last time today, thank you for your loyalty and support for our wonderful College.

On behalf of the SJRC community, I would like to congratulate the wonderful contribution Year 12 has made to enriching St Joseph’s Regional College. As a group you have lived the Motto of Blessed Mary MacKillop “to never see a need without doing something about it” through your generosity of spirit and genuine sense of care for others. For this I sincerely thank you.

Now as you gather here for your final assembly, I believe it is fitting to say that you have made a profound contribution to the College’s rapid transformation. In this regard I would like to pay special tribute to our elected Year 12 leaders:

To Captains: Georgia Hickling and Alexander Ross, we thank you for your great service and loyalty to our community.

To our Vice-Captains: Tilly Meddemmen and Fletcher Aldous and the Year 12 Leadership Team, thank you for your great support.

To House Captains:
Flinders: Beth Sherratt and Lachlan Smith
Hastings: Cassidy New and Caleb Smith
Innes: Courtney Newell and Ethan Carter
Macquarie: Alex Avery and Lachlan Kelly
Oxley: Brooke Oakley and Lachlan Hunt
Wilson: Gabrielle Moss and Matthew Cramp

you have simply been tremendous. I can only say that Year 12 as a whole has been an exceptional group whose families, here today, should feel justifiably proud.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to key staff members who have been instrumental in Year 12’s achievements as senior leaders.

To Leader of Year 12: Ms Flanagan

Assistant Principals: Mrs Eichmann and Mr McCosker and Acting Assistant Principal, Mrs Tanya Daley

Leader of Catechesis: Mr Jennings and Leader of Evangelisation: Mrs Gilbert

Leader of Curriculum: Mr Lutton and Senior Pastoral Care teachers: Mr Handley, Mrs Mahon, Ms Marchment, Ms West, Mr Redfern, Ms Hyde, Mr Plunkett, Mr West, Mr Shelley, Mrs Haydon, Mr O’Mullane, Mrs Freeman and Mrs Twomey.

And let us not forget our House Co-ordinators who guided you in your junior years.

To all course teachers, thank you for your expertise, persistence and support, not only during Year 12’s senior years, but throughout their entire time here at St Joseph’s Regional College.

To Year 12 parents, thank you for entrusting your sons and daughters to our care, and guiding them through this most important part of their lives.

Year 12, last night at your Graduation Mass, Fr Roland reminded you of the importance of you continuing to be advocates and voices for living in a peaceful world where Justice and ultimately Love prevail over discrimination, violence and hatred. Over the coming weeks and in your future lives, Year 12, be assured that Jesus walks with you as you encounter life’s important choices. To be sure, Fr Roland encouraged you last night, to keep your hearts open in your day-to-day work in the name of Jesus Christ in the world … and when times get tough and … equally, when there are times for celebration, don’t forget to share those experiences with him – not worrying too much about what God’s ultimate plan is for you, but rather continually reflecting on your own journey in Faith through your love for others.

I hope that, over the next few weeks, you will be able to approach your exams in as relaxed a manner as possible, confident and determined to demonstrate all that you have learnt over the years. It is important to remember that there is life after the HSC and that there are many pathways to the careers you might wish to pursue. The world is still a place of great adventure. You will encounter all kinds of exciting things as you move beyond College. But it remains a world awaiting your energy, your dedication and your generosity of heart.

May God bless you in your endeavours.


A full list of award recipients is located in this week’s newsletter CLICK HERE.


Congratulations to the students who were successful in gaining traineeships at St Joseph’s Regional College in 2018 in the following faculties:

Creative Arts:  Rebecca Turner
ICT:  Jacob Gaskill
Sport/PDHPE:  Beth Sherratt
Canteen & Food Services/Hospitality:  Brooke Smith
Youth Ministry:  Cassidy New and Vincent Behan
Co-Curricular Music:  Eloise Pepper
TAS:  Brady Hoole

We wish all our students a safe and restful break and look forward to seeing students return on Tuesday 10th October.

God Bless

Jim Dempsey
College Principal