Principal’s Message 2017 Term 1 Week 9

This week I’d like to commend Mrs Cath Eichmann, Assistant Principal- Pastoral Care & Staff Support, along with the Pastoral Care team who have been instrumental in developing the vision and implementation of Positive Education at St Joseph’s Regional College. Cath and the Pastoral Care team have done a tremendous amount of work towards the College’s 2017 whole school goals. I sincerely thank Cath for her leadership, professionalism and enthusiasm in this regard.

Today, staff at St Joseph’s Regional College were privileged to attend an in-service day on Positive Education which is in-line with one of our goals, Wellbeing.

Presenters today included Charlie Scudamore and Jessica Taylor.

Charlie Scudamore is Vice Principal of Geelong Grammar School. Since 2006, Charlie has been responsible for the development and implementation of Positive Education. He has presented on Positive Education at many conferences both nationally and internationally. Charlie has been invited to attend the UNESCO Asia Pacific Education forum in Seoul and has been presented the Pioneer award for Positive Psychology, for his pioneering work in this area.

Jessica Taylor is a trainer and Content Developer for the Institute of Positive Education. She has been teaching for 10 years across both primary and secondary levels and most recently has continued her journey in education by teaching at an international school in Singapore. Here, she assisted in the formation of the Positive International Educators (PIE) Network and has been exploring the impact that Positive Education can have on transient communities. Jessica is passionate about the benefits of Positive Psychology in an educational setting and loves to engage with students, fellow colleagues and parents to promote a state of flourishing for the whole school community.

Topics covered throughout the day included:
Positive Education & Exploring strengths-based approaches
Living your character strengths
Teaching character strengths in schools
Embedding character strengths in schools
Learning the VIA Character Strength classification
It is always a pleasure when I receive positive comments in regards to the education programs at St Joseph’s Regional College. This week I received an email from Mrs Jenny Warburton, grandparent of two students at the College. I commend to you Jenny’s letter of appreciation.

Mr Dempsey and Staff.
My name is Jenny Warburton and I am a grandparent of two students in this school and I am so thankful for the education and pastoral support they both receive. I can’t thank you enough for how supportive St Joseph’s is of this family.

I am privileged to work in a private girls school in Sydney and we have embraced a Positive Education and Wellbeing Programme for the past two years and I wish all your staff a fabulous day on Friday with your Embedding Character Strengths Professional Development Day.
I have just attended a most inspiring two day conference of PESA held at my school. I am not a teacher but work in a boarding environment and have always had an interest in special ed since my uni days. This whole field of Positive Education, Wellbeing, Character Strengths etc has such implication for this generation of young people, and is so integral to our Christian beliefs.
Thank you for all you do in this area and the sacrifices all your staff make to be the best educator they can be and for the seeds each of you sow into this generation.
Most sincerely

Finally, thank you for your understanding and support of the staff and College as we work towards achieving our goal of Wellbeing within the College. Our commitment to Positive Education fulfills our commitment to developing young people holistically so they may live life to the full. This day will enable our staff to be better equipped to guide our young people to have the strength, resilience and opportunities that ensure they have a bright future both at school and in their adult years.

God Bless,

Jim Dempsey
College Principal