Principal’s Message Term 1 Week 2 9th February 2018 – Inaugural Mass

My sincere thanks to Fr Roland, College Chaplain, who this week celebrated Mass with the College community on Thursday to mark the beginning of the school year. Fr Roland reflected on the importance of being authentic in our interactions with one another as we contemplated this ‘Year of Truth’. Ultimately, it is through our sincere intentions and behaviours that invariably will lead us to feeling free in discovering the truth in our own lives. Indeed, one does not need to look far see Christ as our model who can accompany us on this journey in every aspect of our being.

Parents would have been justifiably proud of the respectful and engaging way that students engaged with the Mass. My sincere thanks, particularly to College Pastoral Coordinators who prepared students so well.

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the work of Mr Timo Gobius, Leader of Evangelisation, for his thorough coordination of the Mass with staff and students. The Mass was a fitting beginning to being unified as a College community.

This week, the following reminders have been shared with students:

Sacred Space; Our College Hall is often used for liturgies and masses. The hall then becomes our ‘Church’, it is a sacred space which is entered and exited with reverence and silence.
Reflection; a mass is a time to reflect. It is important to remain focused and not talk to other students. This is a time for your own reflections.

Participation; to enter into the celebration of the Eucharist we need to take an active part. Some students are involved in readings, carrying symbols and processions. All students and staff play a very important part in celebrating as a community; enthusiastically joining in the singing, reciting of the responses which are displayed on the big screen.

Readings and prayers; these have been chosen particularly to express some key themes and ideas. Listen closely to the message. Fr Roland always clearly explains the readings and has a message for us to take away with us.

Communion; this is a very special time for Catholics, as we believe that when we receive the host (bread), we are receiving Jesus. The Sacrament of the Eucharist is seen as the heart of the Catholic faith and life, we remember Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and His promise to be with his followers. Only Catholic students who have received their first Holy Communion are to receive the host, however, everyone leaves their seat to receive communion or a blessing.

  • Communion: It is important that when receiving communion you bow, then place your hands together just below your chin and respond, AMEN. On receiving the host, place it in your mouth immediately, before returning to your seat.
  • Blessing: If you are receiving a Blessing, you are to put your hands behind your back, wait for the blessing and you also respond, AMEN. This is a quiet time and there should be no talking while you are waiting for your turn or when you return to your seat.

For further information on the Mass click here

We hope you have a greater understanding of Mass and Liturgical celebrations.

The office has a supply of the book ‘So You’re Sending Your Child to a Catholic School’ written by Tony Doherty, which is a friendly guide to the Catholic tradition. Parents are welcome to collect a FREE copy from the College office.

To view images from the 2018 Inugural Mass please follow the link to our College Facebook page.

Jim Dempsey
College Principal