Information Technology

Year 7 – 10 iPad program

The world is connected and today’s students are part of a digital generation. The skills needed to live and work in the future include students as problem solvers, collaborators, critical thinkers and being able to adapt to change. The iPad will be used as a tool for engaging students and promote opportunities to embrace new technologies that enhance learning and encourage creativity.

Students’ worlds are wired for action 24/7; they communicate, collaborate, create and learn on demand. They use digital tools and thrive with digital learning. They are engaging in multiple modes of learning – independently as well as collaboratively. Becoming independent learners means students taking more responsibility for their learning. Students need to be self-motivated learners to adapt to a changing educational and workplace environment. Digital devices, among other tools, are great motivators to engage students in a rich learning environment.

Thus, more and more schools are providing digitally rich learning opportunities in which students, teachers and administrators have access to technology when and where they need it. Schools are trending to anytime, anywhere access and collaboration. The iPad is an integral aspect in this exciting and changing digital world.

Senior Years – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In Senior years our technology program extends to BYOD. Most common choices are either laptops or iPads. Our BYOD website will give you advice and options on what device is most suitable for your subject choices and also how to purchase a College approved laptop.


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