Debating & Public Speaking – Students work together with a mentoring teacher to structure sound arguments in response to set issues. They learn about teamwork, the nature of persuasion and are also given the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills. Students usually compete in a debating competition involving all the local schools.

Library Photo Competition – The Library photo competition is a joint project between the Creative Arts faculty and the Library which runs several times a year. The competition encompasses various themes at different times.

History Club – The History Club is available to Year 7 students only and allows students to be involved in a practical aspect of the History Syllabus outside of normal class time. Our first major project will be the construction of a model Roman Bireme Ship (1:32 scale) imported from Spain.

The dimensions of the model are 45cm wide, 97cm long and 55cm high.
More than 600 white metal parts including 43 figures and complete war machines (catapult, Scorpion and Corvus).
Photo-etched decks, resin hull and canvas sails.
Note: Model requires a lot of painting of small parts and will take a long time to construct.
The History Club meets one afternoon per week.

Duke of Edinburgh – The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme is an internationally recognised award which is available to anyone between the ages of 14-25. Each of the awards has four distinct components that must be accomplished – physical activity, skill, volunteering and an adventurous journey. St Joseph’s Regional College assists with the administration of the award through the NSW Office of Communities – Sport and Recreation and also provides the training and adventurous journey components of the awards. The award is not a competition against anyone else, but rather a personal challenge. Further information can be found at

Visual Arts – ‘Art Lovers Lunch’ is an opportunity for all students who are passionate about Visual Arts. This group provides a time for participants to experiment with media and explore the Visual Arts. Students will learn about the mediums they can use, different artists and about themselves and what they can achieve with art. In addition students can gain art-making skills and self-confidence