HSC TexStyle Exhibition Selection

Congratulations to Grace Coogan whose HSC Major Textile work has been accepted into the TexStyle HSC exhibition.

Grace has had a very busy year constructing her textile 3D mushroom which was inspired by her childhood love of fairies at the bottom of the garden and the unusual and intricate detail of mushrooms. Grace was innovative in the way she used traditional smocking under the mushroom head and hand dyed her fabrics. This was her first time crocheting and felting a small fairy doll.

We congratulate Grace on her hard work and dedication that has now been rewarded.

Grace’s work will be displayed at the TexStyles HSC Exhibition at the following venue and dates:
Intocraft Live Show (formerly Stitches and Craft Show), Rosehill Gardens
Thursday 8 March – Sunday 11 March 2018
10.00 am – 4.30 pm daily
For more information go to www.teansw.com or email tea@teansw.com.au.

Grace Coogan

Catherine Morton
Textiles Teacher