Liturgy and prayer are an important part of the life of our College community. They are at the heart of Christian life, as modelled by Jesus himself who often took time out to pray and reflect on his mission. We are called to do the same.

Whole College masses are celebrated once a term, and each year level celebrates a mass together during the course of the year. Other significant events throughout the year, such as Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter, and Anzac Day, also allow our College community to gather, reflect, stand in solidarity with others, and pray. Assemblies, year level meetings, and Pastoral Care classes all feature prayer at their core.

This rich tradition of our Catholic school incorporates music, symbols and actions, and students are encouraged to participate in the organisation and presentation of the liturgies and prayer services in order to develop their own spirituality, as well as grow in confidence in themselves and their gifts.

Our College chapel is a sacred space that provides students and staff with a quiet space to engage in contemplation, prayer and reflection. This space is also used for reconciliation and class liturgies.

Students are also invited to participate in two lunchtime prayer groups where students have the opportunity to share their faith and explore biblical themes.

College Chapel

College Chapel


P1030969The Retreat Program requires mandatory attendance and is one of the most significant elements of the Religious Education Program of St Joseph’s Regional College.

The goal of our Retreat Program is to provide quality experiences for our students to explore their relationship with themselves, others and God.

Years 7, 8 and 9 and 11 students participate in Reflection Days at the College or in the local area.

Year 10 and Year 12 students participate in a two day overnight Retreat. These Retreats are such an important part of the spiritual, emotional and social development of students at St Joseph’s Regional College, it is a compulsory Retreat.

Sacraments are not merely signs.  In the Catholic tradition sacraments spring from Christ himself and bring with them a special dimension of the sacred, called “grace”.  Sacraments are points of contact for us with God at key moments in our life.

At St Joseph’s Regional College all students participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  Religious Education classes and our school Chaplain work together to prepare students in the ritual of reconciliation.

St Agnes’ Parish welcomes you to join and celebrate at 5:00pm on Sunday at St Agnes’ Church our Youth and Family Mass. This is an opportunity for families and youth to come together to celebrate a contemporary style mass.  St Joseph’s Regional College students often contribute to this mass by reading, taking up collection, welcoming the community and presenting the offertory. ‘Kid’s Church’ also occurs at this time, whereby all primary school aged children are invited to scripture related activities outside the traditional mass format.  This includes reading a story, colouring and making something creative.

Students in Year 9 and 10 also have the opportunity to be part of a ministry class which is part of the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia. This class follows the regular Religious Education program but with the additional focus of ministry in the school and wider community. They are involved in ministry by running liturgies, visiting primary schools and age care facilities and sharing their faith with their peers.

“Whenever you did this for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”
(Matthew 25:40-41)

DSCF3289Every student at St Joseph’s Regional College is encouraged to participate in a minimum of three service activities throughout the school year.  These are largely done in the student’s own time, but some activities will be coordinated at the school.  Each Year has particular focus for their service;  Year 7 Home Base, Year 8 School Base, Year 9 Neighbourhood Base, Year 10-12 Community Base.



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Proclaim is a journey designed to promote “new ardour, new methods and new means of expression” for the mission of Catholic education in the Diocese of Lismore. Catholic education is moving from good to great as it engages with the changing social and cultural changes of our times that are impacting on the religious lives of students.


Proclaim Lismore Parents 2014 booklet

Proclaim Students 2015 

Proclaim Lismore Students 2015 will be a year of listening to and engaging with students in Parish Schools to consider how we can support them better as they develop full and meaningful Christian lives in our changing world.

One of our students, Josie Brophy, challenges us all to walk with her and her fellow students this year, as we embark on the great journey that will be Proclaim Lismore Students 2015.


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Proclaim Students Videos

WALK with ME Proclaim Students 2015 video and information

WALK with ME
Proclaim Students 2015 video and information

“Our Children Count” video

Proclaim "World on Fire" MP4

Proclaim “World on Fire” MP4