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Assessment Planners for Term 2, 2017 are now available by clicking the Year group logo below.

Assessment Planner Yr7 Assessment Planner Yr8 Assessment Planner Yr9

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Current Exam Timetables.

Exam Timetables and Study Guides will be updated as they become available.

Current timetables available: YEAR 11 PRELIMINARY COURSE EXAMS TIMETABLE 2017

Exam timetable Yr7-10  Exam timetable Yr11  Exam timetable Yr12

Current Study Guidelines

Study Guides Yr7 Study Guides Yr8 Study Guides Yr9 Study Guides Yr10


2017 Exam Schedule

Semester 1

Year 11 Preliminary Exams- 15th May – 24th May 2017

Year 7-10 Exams- There will be no Semester One formal exam period for Years 7-10, reports will be based on Semester One assessments.


Semester 2

Trial HSC Exams– T3, W3 Monday 31st July – Monday 14th August 2017, Tuesday 15th August for Music students. (Normal classes on Tuesday for non-music students)

Year 11 Preliminary Exams– T3, Wk 9 Monday 11th September – Tuesday 19th September 2017

HSC Exams– T4, Wk 2 Monday 16th October  – Friday 10th November 2017 HSC TIMETABLE

Year 11 2017 (Year 12 2018) Assessment Week– T4, Wk8 Wednesday 29th November – Friday 8th December 2017

Years 7-10 Exams– T4, Wk8 Wednesday 29th November – Tuesday 5th December 2017. Catch-up exams will take place on Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th & friday 8th December 2017


Click here for Study skills & tips

Click here for
Study skills & tips






BOYS UNIFORM View Joprim Website- Price List and Operating Hours

BOYS’ SUMMER UNIFORM  (TERMS 1 AND 4) Midford shorts style 155M colour 63 grey to be worn on the waist with a plain black leather belt, white Midford style shirt with college crest and button up collar. Grey school socks with aqua, black and white bands. Shirt is to be tucked in at all times.

BOYS’ WINTER UNIFORM  (TERMS 2 AND 3) Midford shorts or trousers style 155M colour 63 grey to be worn on the waist with a plain black leather belt, white Midford style shirt with College crest and button up collar, College tie, black woolen jumper with College crest. Shirt is to be tucked in at all times. Socks the same as summer.

BOYS’ SPORT UNIFORM Black sport shorts (with SAPPS logo), College sport shirt and College sport socks with SAPPS logo, College track suit (optional).

  • Note: Students are only permitted to wear sports uniform to and from school on their sports day. For PDHPE practical lessons students must travel to and from the College in their formal uniform and get changed into sports uniform after PC or the nearest break to their lesson.

GIRLS UNIFORM View Joprim Website- Price List and Operating Hours

SENIOR GIRLS’ UNIFORM A box-pleated skirt in colours of black, grey and gold checks, worn to the knee. Over blouse with embroidered St Joseph’s crest available from Joprim. Plain white socks or black pantyhose 70+ denier. No sockettes or ribbed sports socks to be worn. A tie to be worn in terms 2 and 3.

SENIOR MAKEUP No nail polish, acrylic or French-tip nails and minimal makeup.

SENIOR BLAZER A College blazer is optional for seniors, It needs to be ordered from Joprim in advance.

JUNIOR GIRLS’ UNIFORM Double pleated skirt worn on the knee, school blouse with College crest, College tie, black woolen jumper with College crest. White socks or black pantyhose 70+ denier. No sockettes to be worn. Black scarves can only be worn with jumper in winter. In terms 1 and 4 it is not compulsory for girls to wear a tie.

JUNIOR MAKEUP Makeup, nail polish, acrylic or French-tip nails are not permitted.

GIRLS’ SPORT UNIFORM Black sport shorts (with SAPPS logo), College sport shirt and College sport socks with SAPPS logo, College track suit (optional).

SHOES Plain black polishable lace-up ALL leather school shoes, not ballerina shoes (no high tops, boots or ripple soles, skate type shoes or logos. No buckle or open top shoes).
Examples of correct shoes

SPORT SHOES Lace up sport shoes suitable for running, team sports and other athletic activity. Skate shoes, gym boots, volleys, “canvas shoes” and other casual footwear are not safe nor appropriate.

HATS and CAPS Students are to wear the College cap or hat in the school yard.

JEWELLERY Girls may wear a single pair of gold or silver studs or sleepers on the lower lobe. Small studs no larger than a match head. No rings, bracelets or neck chains. No other form of body piercing is permitted. Plastic substitutes are not permitted. Boys are not permitted to wear jewellery other than a watch. Incorrect jewellery will be confiscated and returned at teh end of the term.

HAIR Long hair must be worn tied up and back. Hair should be neat and clean and of a natural colour. Extremes in hairstyles are not permitted. Shaved hair should be no less than a number ‘3’, patterns are not permitted. No dreadlocks allowed. Ribbons and single coloured, narrow headbands are the only hair accessories permitted and must be in College colours only black, gold, blue or white. Boys must be clean shaven at all times.

UNDER GARMENTS All under garments worn under College shirts must be plain white or flesh in colour.

TATTOOS Tattoos are strongly discouraged and should not be visible while wearing the College uniform or representing the College.

  • Note: All uniform requirements can be purchased at the Parish Schools’ Uniform Shop, JOPRIM, located at 10 Boronia Street, Port Macquarie (between St Agnes’ Primary School & OOSH- up the driveway). Joprim is open Tuesday to Friday from 12.00pm to 5.00pm and on Saturday from 9.00am to 12.00pm.  Telephone  6584 1076 or Fax: 6583 2820.

View Joprim Website- Price List and Operating Hours

Parent & Teacher evenings provide the opportunity for parents/guardians to meet with their child’s Leader of Pastoral Care, Pastoral Care Teacher and subject teachers.

Schedule of Parent & Teacher Interviews

Semester 2, Monday 21st August 2017 4.00pm – 7.30pm Parent-Teacher Interviews for Years 7, 8, 9 & 11

Please ensure you have a copy of your child’s timetable before booking you start booking interviews.

Click the following link to book parent/teacher interviews

Enter Code: nu7st

2017 Requisites list for Years 8-10

2017 Requisites for Year 11 – Lever arch folder with loose leaf paper. Any other items required wil be advised by subject teachers when students return on Tuesday 31st January 2017.

The College canteen is always looking for extra help. If you would like to help on any day during the week between 9.30am-1.30pm (or even just a couple of hours in the middle of the day) please phone Mrs Jo Farthing at the College Canteen on 5525 4100.

Lunch orders- can be ordered at the canteen. Please note payment note payment is required when ordering

Please click here or the image to view the SJRC Canteen Menu

Click image to view the SJRC Canteen Menu





Other items that are available from the College canteen include:

  • Aprons (blue & white) $8.00
  • White chef caps  $4.00
  • Safety Glasses  $9.00
  • Ear plugs  $9.00
  • College hats – floppy  $16.50
  • College caps-  $16.50
  • College ties-  $20.00
  • SJRC Sports socks-  $8.00
  • SJRC Footy socks-  $5.00
  • SJRC Footy set (shorts &socks)- $26.00
  • Sketch books small- $2.00
  • Math Calculator- $20.00 available from the office


For current and future NSW Government school term/holiday calendar click here

St Joseph’s Regional College term dates

2017 Term Start Date 2017 Term End Date
Term 1 Staff return 27th January 2017
31st January 2017 Year 7 & 11
1st February 2017 Year 8 9 10 & 12
Students last day 6th April 2017
Staff Spirituality Day 7th April 2017
Term 2 Staff return 24th April 2017
Students return 26th April 2017
30th June 2017
Term 3 Staff return 17th July 2017
Students return 18th July 2017
22nd September 2017
Term 4 Students & Staff return 9th October 2017 Students last day 15th December 2017
Staff last day 19th December 2017



PASTORAL CARE 8.45am – 9.10am
Period 1 9.10am – 10.00am
Period 2 10.00am – 10.50am
Recess 10.50am – 11.10am
Period 3 11.10am – 12.00pm
Period 4 12.00pm – 12.50pm
Lunch                Lunch 1                Lunch 2 12.50pm – 1.35pm12.50pm -1.10pm1.10pm – 1.35pm (Change Over)
Period 5 1.35pm – 2.25pm
Period 6 2.25pm – 3.15pm

PASTORAL CARE 8.45am – 9.10am
Period 1 9.10am – 9.53am
Period 2 9.53am – 10.36am
Recess 10.36am – 10.56am
Period 3 10.56am – 11.39am
Period 4 11.39am – 12.22pm
Period 5 12.22pm – 1.05pm
Lunch                Lunch 1                Lunch 2 1.05pm – 1.49pm1.05pm – 1.25pm1.25pm-1.49pm (Change Over)
Period 6 1.49pm – 2.32pm
Period 7 2.32pm – 3.15pm


The Parent Assembly is an initiative of the Lismore Diocese that assists us all in becoming the best parents we can be and the first and foremost educators of our children.  Our mission is to encourage all parents to be active partners of our school and parish community.

The Parent Assembly offers support for parents in meeting the challenges of raising children. Through your valued input and feedback, we try to identify and address some of the needs of parents in our parish schools. Parent Assembly events are developed and provided in response to these needs. Please support these events so we can continue to reach out and support our school parents in the areas of Faith Enrichment, Networking and Support, Parenting Education and Advocacy.

We would really appreciate your feedback on topics that may be of interest to parents or any other ideas that may help to continue to build our sense of community and partnership within our school.

Parent Assembly
Hastings Macleay Region

Click the links below to view Parent Assembly publications.

Click here to visit the Parent Assembly website

Click here to visit the Parent Assembly website