Acting Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care & Staff Message


This week we farewelled our Class of 2017. We celebrated with a wonderful Mass on Wednesday night and a Graduation Ceremony on Thursday to celebrate the achievements of Year 12. This group of young men and women have made us proud. We will miss them and we wish them all the best of luck in their HSC preparations and their future journey.


Arriving late and departing early places increased pressure on students in relation to catching up on missed work. It is also disruptive for other students and teachers when students enter or leave a lesson during class time.

Late Arrival
Students arriving late must report to the College Office prior to going to PC. This includes arriving late during PC time 8.45am-9.10am. Doing this will avoid students being marked absent.

Early Departure
Wherever possible, please ensure appointments are made outside of school hours. However, if this is not possible, it would be appreciated if collection times can be arranged for the end of a period. For period times, please refer to the SJRC website: Parents | Parent Connections | Bell Times.

When collecting students early from the College, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Note from parent/guardian. Noting the reason for early leave, time student will be leaving and who will be collecting your child.
  2. Students are to report to the College Office prior to morning PC, where an Early Leave Pass will be issued.
  3. The student then shows the pass to their respective class teacher at the beginning of the lesson they will be leaving from. When close to departure time, the student then politely informs the class teacher that it is time for them to go to the office to be collected.

Please note: If a student does not come up at the arranged time, we may not be able to call the classroom or use our internal or external systems. This may result in parents having to wait until the end of the period to collect their child. Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures.


Our local area Police Liaison Officer, Senior Constable Steven Jeffery, will talk to Years 8-10 on Wednesday 11th October (Week 1). Senior Constable Jeffery visits the College every year to discuss issues that may prove challenging for adolescents. Year 8 – P1 | Year 10 – P2 | Year 9 – P3.


I would like to wish all students and staff a wonderful, restful holiday. Enjoy time with your families. Year 11, in particular, should embrace this period of “down time” before they return to commence their HSC course. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support this term. Students return to school next term on Tuesday 10th October in summer uniform

Tanya Daley
Acting Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care and Staff