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23rd October 2015               Term 4, Week 3         

Welcome reader: 

Over the next four week we will be transitioning our Year 7 2016 students. We look forward to welcoming them and their families as part of the College community.

Dates to Remember

MONDAY, 26th October (Day 6) HSC Examinations Regional Jazz Band in Performing Arts Centre 3.30pm-5.00pm Homework Hub in Library 3.15pm-4.30pm

TUESDAY, 27th October (Day 7) HSC Examinations Saxaphone Ensemble in PAC 8.00am-8.45am Vocal Group Rehearsal in  …     Read more.

Staff Student of the week Collage

Principal's Message 

Mr Jim Dempsey - Student for a Day - Learning & Engaging

This week I had the opportunity to join with students and share in their learning for the day. I must admit I did feel a little nervous prior to the day’s commencement. However, everyone was very welcoming  …

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Assistant Principal- Curriculum


Please keep our students in your thoughts and prayers as they continue their HSC journey. Exams next week are:  


Students departing in 2016

If any student is not intending on returning to the College in 2016, we ask that you contact Mrs Michelle Reynolds in the College office immediately on 5525 4100.

Fee reminder

College Fees 

With the end of the school year drawing near, our office is reviewing balances on families' accounts. Please review your payment plan to ensure your account has a NIL balance by 31st December 2015. Payment can be  …   Read more.

Yr10 Mass and Community Service Collage

Year 10 Mass & Community Service Day

On Thursday 15th October Year 10 were involved in a Community Service and Mass day. A number of Religious Education classes spent time at St Agnes and St Joseph's Primary schools in Port Macquarie. Students  …   Read more.

Independant research

PDHPE - Year 12 HSC Community and Family Studies – Term 4 2015

Year 12 HSC Community and Family Studies (CAFS) students are undergoing an Independent Research Project for their first assessment task. Projects are on current social topics and selected by the individual student. The HSC students are required to gain data from groups of  …  Read more.

Yr9CSYMA Bowraville Visit Collage

Year 9 CSYMA Bowraville Visit

48 students from the Year 9 CSYMA travelled to Bowraville on Wednesday as part of an Indigenous immersion experience. We had the opportunity to listen to elders Uncle Kelvin and Uncle Robert share their stories about … Read more.

English collage

Year 8 Creative Writing Camp at Yarrahapinni

This week, some of our Year 8 students attended the Creative Writing Camp at Yarrahapinni. They found it to be a great experience on many levels - the participants, the food, the creative  …  Read more.


Library News 

Word of the Week In support of the literacy program at St Joseph’s Regional College, the Library promotes a “Word of the Week”, each week. This week, the word is “beatitude”.   Mindfulness We have set up a “colouring-in” station in the Library for students to take some quiet time for themselves  …    Read more.

Careers logo

Careers News 

UPCOMING DATES   November 20 – Nursing Scholarship closes November 23 – Applications close for Medical Receptionist position at Greenmeadows Medical November 27 – ZONTA Scholarships close (girls only)   …  Read more.

Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough Alert

There has been a large increase of whooping cough (pertussis) in NSW, mainly affecting school-aged children.  Coughing spreads the infection to others ...  Read more.

Homework Hub

Homework Hub

The “Homework Hub” was established to provide students with a chance to complete set work and study away from the distractions that can occur at home. It takes  …  Read more.


Donations needed

Donations of old towels, tea towels are needed for the art department.   We are almost out of our supply which we use for ... Read more.

Uniform items needed

We are urgently in need of uniform items, in particularly Girls blouses, boys shirts and shorts. If you have any uniform items that you no longer require please drop them to the College office. 

2015 Year 8 Term 4 Sport Elective Choices

2015 Year 8 Term 4 Sport Elective Choices

In week five, year eight students will choose an elective sport that they will do for the remainder of the term.  The Sport Selection program (available through  …  Read more.

2015 Diocesan Gymnastics Report

2015 Diocesan Gymnastics Report

Last Friday, 15 students  participated in the Diocesan Gymnastics competition at Coffs Harbour.  The students performed very well and should be congratulated for their commitment in …  Read more.

2015 Diocesan Volleyball Report

2015 Diocesan Volleyball Report

Congratulations to our volleyball teams who traveled to Coffs Harbour last Friday to compete in the Lismore Diocesan Volleyball Championships.  As a school we placed  …   Read more.

Year 7 – 10 Girls Cricket

Year 7 – 10 Girls Cricket

Congratulations to the SJRC girls cricket team that have just competed in Round 1 of the girls T20 Cricket Competition. Round 1 of this competition was played 8  …   Read more.

2015 Diocesan Sport Camp - Narrabeen

2015 Diocesan Sport Camp - Narrabeen

Congratulations to the following students who have been successfully nominated by the school to attend the   …    Read more.