2017 13s & 15s Country Cup Rugby League Gala Day

15s Rugby League Report
The annual u/15 Rugby League Country Cup took place on Thursday 18th May. It was a great day with the sun shining bright and all of the young men eager to participate and have a fun day.
With injury and representative duties impacting on the U/15 squad, many of the boys had to play outside of what may normally be requested of them. To this end, they went above and beyond, with the team ethos of “doing it for your team” clearly on display. Each and every game was on the line right until the final whistle.
Game one saw the boys take on MacKillop College. After a lackluster start the boys re-grouped and continued to put MacKillop under enormous pressure. Unfortunately, with the match being reduced in time due to unforeseen circumstances, Regional College was unable to capitalise on their chances, going down 4 points to nil.
The second match of the day was against a full strength Camden Haven High, the eventual winners of the day. Again, Regional College mustered up the spirit and comradery which has contributed to success in the past. While going down in a narrow defeat, the boys pushed Camden Haven throughout.
The final match of the day was against Wauchope High School. By this stage, Regional College had only one man left on the bench and multiple positional changes occurring. This did not stop these boys from putting in one of their bravest displays. In the end they were unlucky to go down 12-10, with one try being ruled “held-up”, and other opportunities going unrewarded.
Well done gentleman. 
Best and Fairest = 3 points: Dane Trotter, 2 points: Trai Blair. 1 point: Josh Bragg
Mr. Buckley
15s Coach
 13s Rugby League Report

The Country Cup is a state wide Rugby League competition for the U/13 and U/15 age groups.

On Thursday the local region had their play off to see who would progress to the next level.

The weather was fantastic and the games were tough. The U/13’s began the day against rivals MacKillop. Both teams played with intensity and in a good spirit. The Regional team scored a couple of tries to lead at half time. Good structure and teamwork in the second half meant that our team were good enough to record an enjoyable win. The second game against Camden Haven our team tried hard but made a lot of  mistakes. It took some excellent defense and a couple of individual tries to secure another victory. Wauchope High were short on players for the last game so decided to forfeit.

The Regional College U/13 will now represent the local area in the North Coast final against those schools who won in the other 3 neighbouring regions. They should take a lot of pride in their achievements and the way they represented the school.

Mr. Sprague & Mr. Toohey
13s Coaches