2016 Sport Awards

The 2016 Sport Awards were presented on Wednesday at a whole school assembly.  Congratulations to the following recipients:

Senior Sportsperson of the Year
Kaes Besseling (Year 12)

Intermediate Sportsperson of the Year
Josh Dwyer (9)

Junior Sportsperson of the Year
Sarah Stewart (8)

Ryley Batt Award
Nathan Bentley (8)

Diocesan Athletics Age Champions & Runner-Up
12 Year Boys Age Champion – Eli Theofanou

13 Year Boys Runner Up – Kyle Davis
Junior Boys AWD Age Champion – Nathaniel Bentley
Junior Boys AWD Runner Up – Liam Waddel
Senior Boys AWD Age Champion – Jhye Fensling
14 Year Girls Runner Up – Allie Wood
15 Years Age Champion – Melinda Burke
Senior Girls AWD Runner Up – Claire McIntosh

Outstanding Sporting Involvement
Year 12
Kaes Besseling

Taylor Lo Monaco
Jamieson Williams
Dylan Wilkins
Dan Middleton

Year 11
Max Carter

Georgia Chaplin
Alex Ross
Beth Sherratt

Year 10
Tahlia Bell-Baker

Will Bowden
Melinda Burke
Hudson McCarron
Elizabeth Pike
Isaac Sanderson

Year 9
Trai Blair

Lauren Brown
Brooke Chaplin
Josh Dwyer
Ethan Eames
Layni Fens
Jack Handley
Mahala Hopwood
Oliver Nosworthy
Hugh Stewart
Tony Thompson

Year 8

Nathaniel Bentley
Gabrielle Coles

Mcaey McCarron
Emmeline Pepper
Adam Sherratt
Sara Slater
Sarah Stewart
Jackson Watts
Allie Wood
EMily Wright

Year 7
Izaac Bradshaw
Chloe Cooper
Chloe EIchmann
Joshua Goldberg
Bianca Green
Joseph Lewis

Six-a-Side Soccer
Year 7/8 Comp

Bullet FC

Year 9/10 Comp
Team Extreme

Jim O’Brien Cup
St. Joseph’s Regional College take out the Cup in 2016
Mackillop 69 – SJRC 71

Excellence in Sport
Nathaniel Bentley – NSWCCC Swimming Team

Kaes Besseling – NSWCCC Rugby Union Team
Wil Bowden – NSWCCC Volleyball Team
Izaac Bradshaw – NSWCCC Cross Country Team
Josh Dwyer – NSWCCC Touch Team, NSW All Schools Touch Team
Sam Gleeson – NSWCCC Rugby Union Team
Liam Sage – NSWCCC Cross Country Team
Isacc Sanderson – NSWCCC Cross Country Team
Sarah Stewart – NSWCCC Cross Country Team
Jamieson Williams – NSWCCC Rugby Union Team